Vanilla 4.4 – BiWorkflow Update

Dear Readers,

As told in introduction of this serie of posts for Vanilla 4.4, we have removed the Bonita engine from our Platform, and use instead our own integrated workflow engine. This is to have a lighter Platform, with less external componants, as we noticed there were only few interest to embed a full Bpm Platform just to provide orchestration services.

Anyway, it was a difficult decision to remove Bonita,  because  the product is nice and easy to deploy, but because our  integration with Bonita was clean, through a single Api, it was also very easy to switch to another workflow engine. Immediate result during installation is we don’t need anymore to deploy the 2 bonita catalogs …

The BiWorkflow interface is almost the same :

  • we  have simplified the publication process (now, when you exported the workflow on the repository, it’s immediatly available)
  • we added some new box to provide more features (such as the encrypt/decrypt box on file)
  • We have also improved some box (like the flush cache for our olap engine, the Gateway/sub workflow integration or the kpi alert interface),

… but the product is globally the same … because it perfectly meet its objectives, and is so easy to use …

Just review how you suffer when it comes to deploy a workflow with your current Bi Platform … ok, it’s not an existing component ? … just switch to Vanilla !

Have Fun !


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