Vanilla 4.4 – Hypervision

Dear Readers,

There is a lot to write about Vanilla Hypervision, our module to manage farm of Vanilla servers. I hope soon we will finish a complete documentation about this software, as its importance Inside the Vanilla Platform is growing every day.

Hypervision deployment started almost 2 years ago, and even the product is still confidential, users (generally administrator for Vanilla servers) are happy with the features Hypervision provides : management of cluster of Vanilla servers, tuning of Vanilla services (basically thread management & java setting), deployment of cache between servers (for Olap cubes), performance analysis & stress tests of servers are some of the available features.

We just got an upgrade for Hypervision 4.4 that focus on user interface, to make it less technical and easier to play with. The strength of the products are already there since its first version, so our objective is to speed up the deployment of Hypervision, along with the growth of the number of large Customers (Customers with hundred of concurrent end users, usually with more than 2 Vanilla servers).

Except for Olap performance management and services stress tests, it’s true your need for hypervision are limited if you have only 1 Vanilla server … but review your approach of your Bi Platform architecture and usage, and think about your number of users, and how you manage your servers … this should lead you to considere Hypervision as a reliable option for your next Bi project

Have Fun !


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