Vanilla 4.4 – BiGateway ETL New Features

Dear Readers,

Let’s talk about BiGateway, our Etl master piece, and its new features with Vanilla 4.4. First of all, BiGateway deployment inside companies is moving forward very fast, leading to more and more request from customers. It looks like our product position (in terms of designer interface and in terms of features) is well accepted by etl developers and Bi architects, leading to new demand for extended features (especially from system integrators)

We added some new features (boxes) available from the palet such as :

  • encryption / decryption method at column level (this comes along with existing encryption at file level, available in our workflow), using an custom encryption key
  • Web Service support for data input (and clean WebServices integration : no limitation in terms of xml document structure !!!),
  • New Vanilla-MDM file input, with version control on files. Again a clean integration between 2 modules, at data level

We have extended our support for NoSql database, and fix some minor bugs, to have better integration and better performance with MongoDb and Cassandra database. Funny to notice the number of announcement for support from various editors, in parallel with the number of deployment. On our side, we have now interesting deployment for Vanilla/MongoDB in banks, and Vanilla/Cassandra in retail industry, through partners.

Also, we have now a Weka output, providing a direct extraction from Etl to load ay Weka file format, making easier and smoother the process “extract -> analyse”. It’s a first try, based on a customer request, and no doubt we will extend this “dataming support” to other proprietary file format, in addition with csv support (the most used file format for data mining extraction).

We hope you will enjoy those new features,

Best Regards,


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