Vanilla Mobile – Report Designer

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 4.4 comes with an update on our apps, together with new apps to meet customer new expectation on tablet. It’s no secret our Apps development line of products are now only focusing on Android, so our new Apps – Vanilla Report Designer – are only available for Android (for IPhone, we just provided an upgrade and support with the new Vanilla platform, but no new Apps) Because of Android framework evolution, we have now a better management of interface in a single package, that takes into consideration the Smartphone and the Tablet interfaces.

So, what is the content of our Apps ? First, we provide an update of our Reader Apps. This Apps is used to connect to a Vanilla server run reports, dashboard or cubes, or browse alerts & kpi. Vanilla Reader get also a fresh new cutting edge feature : disconnected mode, which allow users to synchronize their packages with a Vanilla server to browse the package content (reports, cubes views) while disconnected later. This Apps comes also with a refresh of its interface to meet the latests Android design rules for user interface, and we provide support for both : Smartphone and Tablet

Then comes the new Apps : Vanilla Report Writer for Tablet. This Apps leverage our architecture by providing users with the possibility to design their own report on Tablet, using Metadata documents (so, no sql manipulation). Interface is very close from our WebReport Designer, and as usual, those reports can be run from portal and modified later using either our Web Designer our Birt/Vanilla plugIn (making transparent the origin of the report … just review how it works with your current bi platform)

Last subject, because we got many questions like this : our Mobile Bi Apps are only available for Vanilla platform. They are not Apps to connect to others Bi platforms, sorry …

Just take a few minutes to watch our Android Apps

Have Fun !



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