Vanilla 4.4 – Support for Birt 4.3

Dear Readers,

This is a crazy month, with a new large project to start in France, some interesting opportunities in South East Asia and Vanilla 4.4 about to be released. Interesting to notice we can see in parallel the whole team moving together in the same direction, focusing on delivering software on time and with expected quality …

One of the last features our development team provided us is the support for Birt 4.3, at both level : server side (to run Birt 4.3 report format) and at Designer side (Upgrade of Birt PlugIn for Birt 4.3 Report Designer).

There are interesting subjects in Birt 4.3 (like the connectivity with MongoDb, new Microsoft Office Emitters), and compare to our support for Birt 4.2 (we had a delay, because the Vanilla release agenda didn’t match the Birt 4.2 release date), we are just on time with our new 4.4 Vanilla release.

2 weeks before Vanilla 4.4 official availability … stay connected !

Best Regards,



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