Vanilla 4.4 – Release Candidate On Time

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 4.4rc6 was delivered yesterday by our development team, on time, with almost 100% of the identified bug from rc5 already fixed. There was a debate about making rc6 available publicly for download, but we finally decided to open it to our partners only, for various reasons.

This rc6 will have a new complete set of tests by our test team, that will lead us to rc7, in about 2 weeks (which should be the pre-ga version). In parallel, we are updating the documentation and working on new videos.

Vanilla 4.4 is still forecast for the end of this month, and there is no reasons for any delay. Having set a Jenkins allows us to have daily bundle for the Platform, along with various complex tests scenarios, it’s more easy to validate the different corrections … and this job can be done by multiples resources in parallel

Production of software is a job in itself, infrastructure is in place internally to speed up and secure the delivery process (more resources on board, mature architecture, up-to-date infrastructure, procedure for test/validation) … it’s really a pleasure to manage this 4.4 release : without any doubt, the smooth release I had to manage in terms of features/planning/releases … I hope existing and new customers will appreciate this new version as we already enjoy using it !

Have Fun !