Vanilla 4.4 – update of engines and libraries

Dear Readers,

As a Mirror of our previous post (remose unused engines) … this post is about the engines we have updated. This new Version of Vanilla comes with update on some interesting engines, such as :

– Report engine : update with latests versions of IReport and Birt engine

– Database Engine : update (and support) with latests version of jdbc drivers for PgSql, MySQL, Oracle, SqlServer (jdts), MariaDb (new supported database) and more …

– Olap engine : update with latest version of UnitedOlap

On libraries side, it’s more about the Osgi Framework and its set of libraries … using Osgi is a must for a development team

We have updated to Gwt 2.5.1, which provide some interesting bug fix (I remember having some problem clicking on the last item of a list … it’s gone now …), and also updated our Apps to support the latest Android version (this will be detailed in another post)

Again, Open Source means respect for standard and usage of up-to-date components … just review how your current Platform is bundled …

Have Fun !



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