Vanilla 4.4 – simplified architecture (post 2/2)

Dear Readers,

Simplified architecture comes also along with a reminder about Vanilla : all the configuration are stored in a single file,, that you can edit either manually or using vanillapropertyeditor.jar (we updated this software also to reflect the latests changes and the new configuration options). We can do this because we are a software editor, not an agregator of various bundle solutions … this is a key point when it comes to deploy and manage your bi architecture at enterprise level. Since Vanilla v3 (almost 3 years ago), has been the single document to manage Vanilla server configuration

Configuring a Vanilla server, turning it as a slave server for another Vanilla master server, turning it as a dedicated server for etl, reporting or olap, and even switiching its configuration to support https or any ldap authentification database, is just done in a minute using a text editor … clean architecture lead to clean and simple configuration … just review how it was last time you had to configure your Bi Server to make it part a of farms of bi servers (oups … I understand writing this that most of you can’t do this, for some obvious licences issues)

Have Fun !