Vanilla 4.4 – simplified architecture (post 1/2)

Dear Readers,

Let’s start to review Vanilla 4.4 new features with an architecture decision : to make Vanilla more easy to deploy while removing unnecessary pieces of software (or unused one) !

Because of usage of engines like quartz and bonita (both available in Vanilla since the beginning, and both never upgraded for a while), we had to deploy additional catalogs (1 for scheduler and 2 for Bonita), which was not very difficult, but sometimes little boring. The benefits of using those engine was not clear anymore, as we already developped a workflow engine for our Etl, BiGateway, and scheduler was an easy subject to develop.

So, this first post is about what we removed. Sorry … I don’t want to rush into never ending discussion about the “what” and “how” for thoses decisions : we had no problems with quartz and we were using a Bonita v3 engine (which was doing its job), so I can’t comment about the very few concerns we had with Bonita.

Having said that, we also merged the others catalogs (we make the choice of the catalog 100% flexible) into a single one, vanilladata. Leading to cut down the number of catalogs to 3 : vanilla (for security), repository (for portal content and document) and vanilladata (for forms, maps, mdm …).

Have Fun !


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