Vanilla 4.2 – 1 Month after

Dear Readers,

It’s been 1 month now since we provided Vanilla 4.2, so it’s time for some new analysis :

  • More than 700 downloads in 1 month … its very nice result for a full platform, we are delighted by this fast increase of download
  • 35% of the “server” download are Virtual Box download, 65% are Zip of Server … it looks like VBox was a good choice to help to Vanilla adoption, and it can be also understood like companies are looking for platform that provide bi services that can be easilly deployed in a farm of servers … you can’t talk all the day about virtualisation and still have to install manually some services …
  • 75% of Vanilla developers are using Birt 4.2 (25% are still using Birt 2.6) … we were late to integrate Birt 3.7 and we jumped to Birt 4.2 … which stands as the de facto standard for reporting (I still meet companies who are buying reporting tools & platforms … how it’s possible ???)
  • 8% of Vanilla developers are using Apple/Mac workstation, 17% are using linux workstation … still 75% using windows workstation
  • France is still the first country in terms of download, followed by US, Germany, India and Philippines. Some new important download coming recently from Turkey, Croatia, UK, Brazil and China … it’s the beauty of Open Source
  • We got a lot of questions about Etl/Workflow modules … and it looks like the new projects we manage or support don’t take only the Bi part of Vanilla : Bi process are developped that combine Etl transformation and reporting. We had customers turning from Talend and Kettle to BiGateway … I’m pretty confident soon those people will also turn to our document management solution, powered now by Solr/Lucene !

It’s heavy month that we spent since version 4.2 official launch … but motivation is high to prove there is another way that “million of marketing investment” to successfully deploy a platform at Worldwide level … just rethink where your budget is going and your project Roi …

Have Fun !