Vanilla 4.2 – Video Update

Dear Readers,

As discuss before, we provided with Vanilla 4.2 an update of all the existing documentations along with new documentation that cover new fonctional subject (like MDM module or NoSql support). Thanks to Charles, we have also updated most of the video, and created a channel on YouTube to publish it. You can now access and watch Vanilla 4.2 videos : Vanilla 4.2 Videos on YouTube (note : those videos are available from Bpm-Conseil WebSite, ‘VanillaTour’ pages)

Each video is 3 to 5 minutes and cover a specific subject : Portal overview, olap designer, etl designer, dashboard designer and metadata designer. Soon another batch of videos to introduce Web Reporting, Workflow designer, WebOlap interface, ProcessManager and Platform Management,

Those videos will provide new audience with valuable information about Vanilla interface : consistency between interfaces and ease of use. Vanilla relies on powerfull engine to process document (like UnitedOlap, Bonita, Birt or Lucene), but we gave high importance to quality and stability for designer and admin interface, because Bi consultants are working all day with those designers … and working with user-friendly interfaces is always easier when it comes to develop Bi documents,

Have Fun !