Vanilla 4.2 – 1 Week after

Dear Readers,

It’s been 1 week since we launched Vanilla 4.2, and result is going beyond our expectation. Using our Vanilla4GoogleAnalytics package, I can monitore the evolution of people coming on our WebSite (+420% of unique IP address compare to january 2012 as date of this writting) and number of download is also more than correct (more than 200 downloads for Vanilla platform in 1 Week … it’s quite reasonable).

What is amazing also, when I look at statistics, is the geographical origin of persons connecting and downloading Vanilla. It’s true France and European countries (Germany, England and South European Countries) are those who are making the trafic, but Asian Region and USA are just behind. Funny to notice we got now a growing number of persons downloading from China, which was not the case with previous version.

With Vanilla 4.2, we are providing more than Bi : Etl, Worklflow and Document Management are there, NoSql and Hadoop support are also important subjects with 4.2 … no mater what .G is thinking about our strategy and market position … what is important for us is customer recognition … and 1 week after the 4.2 launch, the sun shines bright … change the way you are thinking how you will manage your data … just turn to Vanilla now !

Have Fun !