Vanilla 4.2 – Version Number

Dear Readers,

When we introduced Vanilla 4.2 new features list and during first presentation to early adopters, there is something that comes always has a remark : “Vanilla 4.2 is not a simple update, it can be considered as a new release, like a version 5.0”. That’s a point of discussion.

In fact, after we release version 4.0, when we designed version 4.2 we were thinking about a middle term update (let’s say 4 to 6 months maximum). Some subjects like Document Management and Mdm were already available before version 4.0, but we found it was not mature enough, not tested enough, to be part of version 4.0, but we wanted to delivere those module during S1/2012

So, we started the development of Vanilla 4.2 version, and because of 4.0 success, we had a lot of subjects to cover : training session, project development, project management … and some technical subjects went on board like Java7, Solr/Lucene, new Android and Ios versions, new Birt version … which lead us to delayed the release (summer is not a good period to delivere a release … we originally target october 2012 … but sometimes, it’s better to take 2 more months …).

It’s funny to notice our Vanilla 4.2 is developed using Eclipse 4.2 and using Birt 4.2 engine … it’ a kind of funny unpredictable situation (and we make our software compliant with those versions). Last 4.2 on board is Android … it really looks like many software are crossing at 4.2 release …

We are 2 days before Vanilla 4.2 … its all packed on our side, currently doing the upload on our server …

Have Fun !