Vanilla 4.2 – 1 year of project

Dear Readers,

There will be 1 year between Release 4.0 and Release 4.2 … it’s a short period for humanity, a small version number increase, but a big step for the Vanilla Project (software and people) …

It’s been a crazy year to manage version 4.2 … and thanks to Vanilla team, we were able to delivere it, nearly on time. Along with the development team, we have also the integration team, that spent a lot of times in testing the software, writing documentation and sharing about interface quality. … It’s a real human experience to manage such project, and all the team should be proud for the result.

We all learnt a lot during this year : about software, about project … about ourself, about team life. It was a nice journey and we are now expecting to get faster recognition from new customers – our current customers are our new version early adopters … showing our belief in our new version.

We are not expectiong a lot anymore from some prospects or System Integrators in different region of this world, most important is our customers are our first supporter and like the Vanilla Project, and provide us with regular integration projects. It looks like it’s not possible to work in Open Source with some customers… including in my home country, where people have attraction for Us based commercial software (I will not comment why they like to pay expensive software, it can be misunderstood !). We recommand to those persons who don’t want to open the door to Open Source to continue to pay and pay even more … when it comes to budget and money, just review where your money is going, and if it will help your kids to grow in a profitable and safe country …

Just 3 days to wait before Vanilla 4.2, no other platform is like Vanilla now

Have Fun !