Vanilla v4.2 – 16/16 – Documentation

Dear Readers,

Coming January 13th 2013, along with version 4.2 of Vanilla, we provide a global update of our documentation and videos, especially for the new or updated packages and interfaces. Documentation has always kept a special position with Vanilla, as we kept it available for free since the beginning, and also – which is asking a lot of energy – we are updating documentation with new vesion (no dead document !)

All documents have been updated, but especially :

  • BiGateWay and BiWorkflow where we added many new boxes
  • EnterpriseServices, as we moved some interfaces

A special focus has been done on 5 majors subjects (in english only)

  • Vanilla New Feature presentation
  • Vanilla Portal : user manipulation and feature presentation
  • Vanilla NoSql support presentation and usage (global documentation for the 3 nosql database and 2 specific documentations for Cassandra and MongoDb)
  • Vanilla Mdm/BiGateway – presentation and integration for the supplier/document part (the entiry/rules part will come later)
  • Vanilla FreeDashboard – refreshed package … so, new global documentation

It’s always little annoying to have to pay for “geting started documentation”, right ? … what people really want in Open Source : first is to share software code, software know-how, software usage … some of our documentation are 100+ pages … its globally more than 1’000 pages, from installation-architecture to development studio and user interfaces. Video is shorter (globally, it’s 2h+), but its already usable to understand what is available with Vanilla

Have Fun !