Vanilla v4.2 – 15/16 – Wms Support – Kpi/Dashboard/Map integration

Dear Readers,

We are coming soon to last posts of this journey inside Vanilla 4.2 new features list, and we are 1 week before official launch for Vanilla 4.2 (sunday 13th january).

Coming to visualisation, we are going one step further with Vanilla 4.2, by providing visual studio to define and design all maps and kpi elements. No code for maps definition and cells definition, no code for Wms support (when map is located on a Map server), no code for Dashboard designThis post is about Maps, Kpi visualisation and Dashboard rendering.

What developer can build is Dashboard that display Kpi measures on a map, no matter if this map is coming from either a Map Server (through Wms support) or from a local document (like an image or a flash representation). The beauty of Vanilla is to provide development studio to define Kpi list and encode maps reference in Vanilla repository, which mean : no code in Dashboard … even for Maps & Kpi integration !


To reach this result, norparena provides all designer need to defin maps and maps cells, just watch the different type of maps documents we support


For each map, designer has to defined each on map (ok, you can use BiGateWay, our ETL, to loap map definition into our map repository), then those Cell reference will to be link with Kpi using a reference (in our Kpi database, each entry has a geo reference)


There can be an automatic matching using cells name on a map, for example with dimension member in a dimension …


Just refer to FreeMetrics (our Kpi database and suit of packages) to define Kpi and link those Kpi to maps, and refer to either FreeDashboard or Birt/FreeWebReport if you want to buil a map visualisation with Kpi dataset display in its cells … why should it be dificult to design … we make it even more easier with Vanilla 4.2

Have Fun !