Vanilla v4.2 – 14/16 – Improved Server Side & Cloud feature

Dear Readers,

Let’s browse some features and packages that will help Admin to manage Vanilla, from a single instance to a farm of servers :

Vanilla Hypervision

Vanilla Hypervision InterfaceVanilla42BetaPublic_Hypervision

Vanilla 4.2 is delivered with enhanced functions to manage farms of Vanilla servers or clustered configuration (private or public cloud), using Hypervision. With Hypervision, you can setup and monitore any mass reporting activity, setup cluster of process, manage the server memory consumption, use a drag & drop interface to deploy document between servers,  manage farm of secured servers (https is now fully supported), and manage any olap cache (and deploy the cached grid to another instance of server). Hypervision is “must to have” package if you have many Vanilla intances to manage.

Vanilla Hypervision Olap Cache Transfer


New Cloud Features

As new cloud features, Vanilla 4.2 is compliant with Memcached (so, you can registered Vanilla to a AWS Memcached server, for example) and also compliant with Solr/Lucene 4.0 (same situation, you can regsitere Vanilla to an Amazon instance of Solr/Lucene). Also, any Vanilla instance can be monitored by Nagios, to monitore any Vanilla activiity (network traffic, memory pic, hard disk consumption) … True Open Source Platform is the way to go, because we rely on other True Open Source components, making the global infrastructure compliant “out of the box”

Vanilla Configurator

Vanilla Configurator Interface


This is the return of our configurator, that was missing in version 4. In fact, We had a configurator in version 3 because a Vanilla server was using many different configurations files. One of our customer, Ministry of Internal Affair in France, encouraged us to merge all those configuration files into a single one, which was the situation with Vanilla 4.0  (so, a simple text editor was our new configurator with version 4). But as this configuration file contains more and more options, we found usefull to provide a simple interface to help Admin to setup a Vanilla server, from a single instance to a master/slave clustered configuration.

Have Fun !



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