Vanilla v4.2 – 13/16 – Continuous Integration

Dear Readers,

When it comes to Platform integration, there are differents approachs and results to achieve :

  • How the different components of the platform are connected or communicate between each other
  • How the Platform can be easilly integrated in an existing architecture :
  1. Vanilla component can be used as a service by the other
  2. Vanilla can integrate with standard resources, like Single Signon mechanism, Web Portal Integration, Scheduling or Workflow integration …
  • How the Platform can leverage existing services (externam engines) to make usage of it (as an exemple : Solr/Lucene integration with Vanilla)

Let’s focus on the first question : how components are making a global platform alltogether, a coherent and full feature Bi platform. Honest, I feel proud of what our dev team has done with Vanilla. Since early version, our Metadata has been the central piece for all that deal with secured business dataset manipulation, and we never stopped to think about what component can be integrated with any other component.

Integration is everywhere with Vanilla – from inside the development studio to the user interface but also with the different engines that manage the documents. Just let me give you some simple exemples, some are already available since Vanilla 3.0 or Vanilla 4.0, and we make it even more easy to use

  • (v4.2) Mdm/Etl integration for Developer : Any Mdm document is a datasource for Vanilla BiGateWay Etl. This makes the integration of external files much more easy to manage, and keep the database consistent. At user side, document registered in the Mdm (any new version of an existing document) can be upload from Vanilla Portal by authorized User … giving user the possibility to upload a file, and run the associated Etl from the portal … and we can even think they will run the report that display the uploaded data …
  • (V4.0) FaWeb/WebDashboard integration for User : when exploring a cube, its so easy with Vanilla FaWeb to save report snapshot of grids … then to turn all those olap grid into a single Dashboard with an associated filter page (when cube report have prompts). Just try it, you will find it so easy to manipulate, and so powerfull for later reuse or wide publication
  • (V3.0) Reporting/ Document Management & Document Indexation : when it comes to run a report, and decide to save it to Vanilla Document management repository (either user action through portal or inside a Workflow), just enjoy the automatic indexation of reports to find report using content search on keywords

There are so many other technical or functional cases inside Vanilla to show out of the box integration … just try it, you will be delighted ! I will focus in another post on the Kpi/Olap/Maps integration, it is worth a post in itself … stay connected !

Have Fun,



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