Vanilla v4.2 – 12/16 – Vanilla Mobile Report Designer

Dear Readers,

With Vanilla 4, we released Apps for Ios and Android (tablet and Smaprtphone), which stand as an application to connect to Vanilla portail (Apps version, not Web version) and run a document (Report, Cube, Dashboard or Etl/Workflow). I personally use almost every day the Android Apps on my Htc smartphone (Android 2.4) … then on my S3 (Android 4). It’s running pretty well, and do what it’s expected to do : provide access to report in convenient way. For cube, it was already more than a simple browser : you can manipulate the dimensions and the measures, and navigate in your cube … you can even run maps …

First version of Vanilla for Android with Vanilla 4


With the emergence of new Ios and Android version, we had more functions to move from a simple reader to a Report Designer, using the lastest technics and design conventions to facilitate acceptance from any users. The first version is available for Android 4, and it’s design to be used with Tablet rather (I mean, on a smartphone, screen is little to small)

Vanilla Mobile Report Designer is close from FreeWebReport (Wysiwyg) in terms or design and workspace layout : we are using a simple palette of widgets, providing access to Metadata as datasource and data resources (like filters and prompts), and user can either save their report on local or export/import their report on Vanilla repository, to run it later from our Web portal

Vanilla Mobile Report Designer – Palette and workspace


 Vanilla Mobile Report Designer – Report Design with Metadata Resources


Vanilla Mobile Report Designer – Report Preview


Vanilla Mobile Report Designer – Export – Import Process


In 2 weeks, you can enjoy a preview of Vanilla Mobile Report Designer … and it’s free of charges ! Just rethink how you access and consume your Bi documents, and how much you pay for simple access …

Have Fun !



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