Vanilla v4.2 – 11/16 – Numerous Update of Dev & Admin package

Dear Readers,

While designing version 4.2, we reviewed some interfaces to make it easier to start with. This is particularly visible with our Portal, that get many enhancement and is still more easy to use (we tried to removed as much as possible right-click button to offer fast access icons on workspace), but it’s also valid for designer and admin interfaces.

Let’s have a look at the 3 major admin interface with a simple example for each one :

Enterprise Services

Enterprise Services is the package to manage security, packages deployment, cross references, document properties …. just have a look at the simplified user session manager … very convenient to see who is connected, on which server, running which object … it’s real time information !


BiProcess Manager

BiProcessManager is the package to manage shceduling of task (report, etl, workflow). Just have a look at the simplified interface, where you can watch the task definition, the scheduled tasks, and the tasks that already executed (with status).



Norparena is the package to manage external objects like maps, forms and also documents. Norparena document manager has been simplified, with still same set of functions to manage report indexing, version of document, have a global view on documents, rebuild index …


Keeping interface easy to use is an everyday challenge, while providing more functions and informations. With version 4.2, we did a good balance between functions availability and clean interfaces … and we will review again if needed, to make it easier and easier

Have Fun !



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