Vanilla v4.2 – 10/16 – Vanilla Apps Update

Dear Readers,

Started in december 2009, Vanilla Apps is now 3 years old, and every year in december, we provide new products or packages to the community, like Christmas gifts.


Vanilla Apps are application that don’t belong to the Core Vanilla platform, but can be installed or plug in addition. Except Hypervision (a Vanilla monitoring package), most Vanilla Apps are package build on a market application, where we provide Metadata, Reports, Dashboard and Cubes.

History baseline of Vanilla Apps will give you an overview of its content :

  • December 2009 : First version of Vanilla Apps, with 6 initials packages
  • December 2010 : First version of Hypervision, our package to setup and monitor a farm of Vanilla Servers
  • December 2011 : Our dev team delivered VanillaPlace, a Java & Web Application available from Enterprise Services to access and deploy Vanilla Apps packages (just go to this post to get details on Vanilla Place)
  • December 2012 : major update for Vanilla Apps, with 20 apps available and a global update in Vanilla 4.2 format

Vanilla Apps packages cover different business area, from e-commerce application to Pos application, through Crm, Held Desk, … This classification below can be discussed, as sometimes, Vanilla Apps package cover only a simple group of tables of a complete application (Vanilla Apps documentation can be found on our company WebSite)

  • CRM : VTiger, SugarCrm, OpenCrx
  • E-Commerce / Billing : Neobill, PrestaShop, Magento
  • Development Management : DotProject
  • Support and inventory : Glpi, RedMine, Mantis, Sit
  • University /High school : Cocktail,
  • Training Management : Moodle
  • HRM : OrangeHrm
  • Network Management : Nagios
  • ERP : OpenBravo, Dolibarr
  • Survey Management : LimeSurvey
  • ECM : Typo3
  • Site Stats : GoogleAnalytics

If you have a Vanilla instance, getting access and deploying Vanilla Apps is fast and easy … don’t hesitate to download and deploy it, and contribute by reversing your own development, like Dashboard and reports. If you have a need for a specific application to be available as a Vanilla Apps, don’t hesitate to drop me a mail, as we have now a dedicate team on Vanilla Apps, to speed up its adoption and provide support & development on it.

Have Fun,



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