Vanilla v4.2 – 9/16 – Web Designers update

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 4.2 provides Web interfaces with new functions that “makes the difference” when decision makers are using Web Interface to manipulate data. Let’s take 2 simple examples in this post, with FreeAnalysis and FreeWebReport


Web interface comes now with a Simulation/Forecast Feature, that allow user to develop “What If” Scenario or view cube data evolution based on time linear forecast.

Another crazy feature of FreeAnalysisWeb is the possibility to drill through to another document, like a Report or another cube, passing the current filter or member value as parameters. To drill between cubes, we are using dimension names association. To drill to reports, user just need to validate the parameter’s values. So simple !



More features in FreeWebReport, like crosstab (yes, in Web … just imagine other platform don’t even provide this feature with their report development studio !), Maps support (yes, to add Map in your Web Report and associate a dataset of value on the map !)


This post could have been longer, if I wrote about enhanced FreeDashboardWeb and WebKpi, our Web Dashboard and KPI interfaces … just wait the final documentation, or better : download soon the 4.2 platform and start enjoying our clean Web interfaces

Have Fun,



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