Vanilla v4.2 – 8/16 – Solr/Lucene Integration

Dear Readers,

Sometimes, when you chose some piece of software, you are lucky … or not. When we started our Web development, we took Struts/Shale (2006) … then we moved to Dojo (short experience in beginning 2007) … and in july 2007, we were lucky to turn to GWT. 5 years of GWT experience makes the difference, and result in version 4.2 is there : when I demo Vanilla v4.2, it’s always a pleasure to get customer recognition of our choice, in terms of interface and design.

Same thing happen with Lucene ! In late 2009, when we designed the architecture and components for version 3, we decided to embed an indexation engine. There was different software and Api available, and we chose Lucene. Some already know the story : in september 2010, we released Vanilla version 3 with an embeded Lucene to index our reports and a Search interface “Chrome alike”. Lucene was a lucky choice, because – with the ermegence of Apache Solr/Lucene – we are able to make Vanilla compliant with an existing Solr/Lucene infrastructure. I used to demo this at LuceneRevolution in may 2012 in Boston (finally a platform that makes usage of Solr/Lucene at worldwide level)


What is the advantage of Solr/Lucene with Vanilla ? We can empowered an existing infrastructure : supposed your Document Management platform is Solr/Lucene compliant … we can share the same Solr/Lucene server ! Solr/Lucene is the de facto standard for indexation, it’s like a “take it … or leave it, leave the indexation area”. Enterprises have more and more documents, and there is a need for simple document management platforms, powered by Solr/Lucene, that complies with standard JSR. Vanilla Document Management module – powered by Solr/Lucene – is a ready-to-deploy platform to manage Bi services and document management … just review post 5 of this serie for additional information.


Have Fun !



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