Vanilla v4.2 – 7/16 – FreeDashboard v4

Dear Readers,

FreeDashboard has always been a key component in our list of packages, as we considere the Dashboard as the master piece of software when in comes to agregation of component to build a complex interactive document.

About FreeDashboard timeline, shortly said,

  • Version 1 (2008) was a simple jsp builder where developer had to publish their dashboard to view the result (I remember the internal launch in october 2007 as the last presentation of our cutomer day in Lyon)
  • Version 2 (2009) has something great in addition : you can preview your result before publication (using a Jetty embeded server)
  • Version 3 (2010) added forms management and introduced Performance Dashboard (multi folder rendering).
  • Version 4 is a complete rewrite, available since june 2012 in our labs, that offers a refresh interface with numerous new features such as javascript support, html5 full support, support for new jdbc drivers like jdts 1.3 … and always more widgedts and components

For the layout side, we remove the constraint of grids/cells to offer total flexibility for developer to point and click their component on the workplan, and we simplified the folder management previously called performance dashboard (a dashboard with multi folders). Also, we provide a general filter area where your filters are applied to every folders and the possibility to drill from one folder to another one.

In addition, in terms of user interactivity, only the drilled components are now refreshed on the Web page (before, all the page was refreshed after each selection). For users, it’s a simple but so convenient enhancement when it comes to using smooth interfaces.


For developers, FreeDashboard prodives support for FreeMetadata data source (and now FreeMetadata resources like filters), oda and jdbc datasource (so you can use our oda driver to build Dashboard against nosql database !) and leverage (agregate) numerous Vanilla components such as Report, Cube View, Maps or Kpi.

Building Dashboard using FreeDashboard has never been so easy … just rethink your Dashboard strategy and how much you are paying your current licences …

Have Fun !



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