Vanilla v4.2 – 6/16 – MDM module

Dear Readers,

When it was time for Vanilla 4.2 to provide a package to manage business Metadata & Rules at Enterprise level, shortly called a Mdm platform, we studied what is available on the market, and asked questions like “how is it used”, “what is missing to those package to be used”. In parallel, we had discussion about how past experience in datawarehouse projects and exchanged about what can of piece of spftware we have missed for some projects.

To complete our study, a serious public project from Britain (West of France) lead us to add functions about “data supplier & data contract”, because there is always requests to manage external files from internal or external entities, with version for each files. Those orientations put on the table, we leverage the existing Vanilla modules to escape redundant functions :

  • MDM Module to manage entiry, rules and contract/files as ressources with version control
  • BiGateWay, our ETL, will provide all the transformations based on rules defined in the Mdm (conversion rules, validation rules)
  • Vanilla Document Managment will provide the services for files storage, file version control, file access rights
  • To bundle Rules & Files, we added new input box in BiGateWay to manage files loaded from Mdm interface and stored in our repository : no more external files that are left on hard drive with any management, files that contains important rules for business analysis (let’s think about an Excel file that contain every month the rules to split the basic expense between department, or file bought outside that contain statistical data at nation level)

Classic MDM Interface to define Rules & Entities


MDM interface to define external files


BiGateWay Etl support for Rules definition and external Files as Datasource


Our MDM module is embebed inside Vanilla, and leverage existing components like ETL, Worklfow and document management, making it easy to build Bi & Document Management application that take care of external files

Have Fun,



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