Vanilla v4.2 – 5/16 – Document Management

Dear Readers,

Those who stay connected with our dev team know already about document management features inside Vanilla. It all started with version 3 when we embeded Lucene to provide search feature on saved reports. Now, Vanilla 4.2 leverage the existing document management features available with version 4.0 and version 4.09 and brings new features to better manage documents :

  • Document versioning : available from portal (for uploaded documents (Pdf, Office document, …)) or from Vanilla Viewer (with Any document created with Vanilla Viewer like Reports) : Every document can have different versions, you just have to chose between creating a new version of the document or created a new version. This feature is combined with the Search Engine, and only the latest version of the document will be available through the Search Interface. For uploaded document, this feature is a CheckIn/CheckOut function.
  • Review before publication : Some user can have only upload grant, without beeing able to publish the document (ie : make it available from the portal). Then, a review process can be started that will allow admin person to validate the uploaded document (Task section of the portal). This is a basic workflow process available “out of the box”, with interfaces in Web Portal
  • Peremption Date : Any document has now a peremption date, which make the document not available any more from the portal after the said date.
  • Document autorisation : User can request grant access to any document they can find through the Search Interface but are not allowed to access. Owner of the document will receive the request, and can accept or reject it. We had big debate how this feature : is a user allowed to find documents through search interface if he is not allowed to access those documents ?
  • Indexation management : Using Enterprise Services and Norparena, any document can have its properties set to allow groups to access the document, edit the document (new version) or delete the document from portal. In parallel, an indexation workflow can be developped for

Document Management comes with Search Engine/Interface. As indicated in previous post, we have moved to Solr/Lucene and make our architecture compliant with a cluster of Solr/Lucene servers, opening the door to scalable infrastructure. With Vanilla, before creating a new document, you can first look in your set of existing documents if you find valuable informations. Bi Document repository is no more a black box invisible to users.

Document Management features can be powered by our Workflow module, to create complex rules when it comes to document validation. We encourage admin to review their document management strategy, whether or not their existing platform still meet its objectives, in comparison with daily usage … just simplify your IT architecture if your users have simple requests.

Have Fun !



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