Vanilla v4.2 – 4/16 – Infrastructure

Dear Readers,

Vanilla 4.2 provides major update of some embeded components, outside engine and support for additional platforms. You can find below some examples of those updates :

  • Java7 :  Vanilla 4.2 has been compiled using Eclipse 4.2, with a Java 7 JDK. All the packages can now be run on computer running a Java 7 Runtime
  • Deployment Platform : Vanilla 4.2 is shipped with Tomcat 7, and we have also versions for Jboss server (version 4 to version 7) and Weblogic server (version 12)
  • Running Birt 4.2.1 Engine : Vanilla 4.2 is shipped with the latest Birt Runtime Engine to provide support for the latest Birt features, such as Excel native support or new charts support. You can use A Birt 4.2.1 Designer available from the Eclipse WebSite and deploy the Vanilla Plugin inside your Birt Report Designer, to enjoy Birt 4.2.1 along with Vanilla oda datasource such as FreeMetadata.
  • Solr/Lucene 4.0 Support : Starting with Vanilla 3, in 2010, we have shipped Vanilla with an embeded Lucene engine to provide indexation features. With the emergence of Solr/Lucene as the default platform for indexation and search process, we have moved our code to make Vanilla Solr/Lucene compliant. This can lead to an architecture where customer will install a Solr/Lucene server to provide indexation to various platforms, including Vanilla for Bi subjects.
  • Html5 support : FreeDashboard get a major update to design Dashboards that are 100% Html5 (sorry about Flash)
  • New Jdbc drivers :  As a simple example on this subject, JDTS 1.3 is now delievered, which allow developers to access to any Microsoft Sql database (until SqlServer2008) without using the Microsoft proprietary jdbc drive. Using Jdts, as opposed to Microsoft driver, you can develop dashboard with prompts (Microsoft jdbc driver is not able to return prompt values). Other drivers updates for major database are also provided, like for MySql, Oracle, PostGreSql …
  • Jenkins scripts : Starting with Vanilla 4.2, we provide nightly build of the complete platform (Server & WebApps, packages). This makes the software production easier to manage and allow our develpment team to save valuable time for every internal or public release
  • UnitedOlap update : our Olap engine got a major update, with support for forecast and what-if functions, improved aggregate mechanism, better usage of lastest caching functions (using Memcached) …
  • Memcached update : Vanilla 4.2 make intensive usage of the latest Memcached version, leading to faster and improved cache strategy & mechanisms
  • Android 4 and Ios 5 support : Vanilla mobile will have a major update, with a full Report Designer & Document Reader compliant with Android 4 and with Ios5

As you can read from those items, it’s nothing about developer or user feature. It’s all about infra … as an important part of our investment to delivere Vanilla 4.2 as a platform that support the latest technologies or embed the latests engines …

Have Fun !



2 Responses

  1. Hi Patrick

    Thank you !! Sounds very promising, however, I have installed 4.2 and in FASD when creating a DataSource, in the list there is no option for a JDBC datasource !! I had to go back to 4.0……
    I really wanted to test the new United OLAP………

    • Hi Eduardo,

      Thanks for this message. Anyway, I have checked, and the jdbc datasource is still there (we have added new oda datasource, the jdbc is now listed at the end of the list) … so, just turn back to 4.2, there are many new features for olap, like forecasting and what if scenario,


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