Vanilla v4.2 – 3/16 – Vanilla Viewer

Dear Readers,

Starting with version 3 of Vanilla, we have provided our own viewer – Vanilla Viewer – to manage document rendering, no matter the report engine is (because users don’t have to suffer from different interfaces when developers are using IReport or Birt to design their reports !!!).

Vanilla viewer get continuous support and update, and the version we provide with Vanilla 4.2 has interesting improvments :

Saving process has been review : now, you decide to save your report once it has been run and display in the interface, and you can decide to save it as a new document, or as a new version of an pre-existing version (because Vanilla Document Management feature support versioning of documents !)


Running the running, you can select multiples output formats in the same run, and switch to another output (Html to Pdf for example) from Vanilla Viewer


Prompt interface is more smooth : the left panel allow users to change the prompt values and run the report again (no prompt interface). This left panel can be hidden using the top left arrow


And for those new to Vanilla Viewer, just a reminder of some great features :

  • User can chose to run the report in background
  • Report content can be exported as a csv local file
  • Prompts can be saved under a specific label
  • Burst feature allow user to run a report using different group strategy

Vanilla viewer as a component is easy to embed in any external portal (as a portlet, as an Iframe), providing any existing portal with a robust document viewer … just rethink the way you deploy your reports …

Have Fun !



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