Vanilla v4.2 – 2/16 – NoSql support

Dear Readers,

There was a lot discussed and explained about Nosql databases, why and how it will change our way to deal with datastorewhen and how it should be used for large unstructured data projects .

There is also a lot of confusion (confusion of Hadoop and nosql), and some misunderstanding with terminology and projects (Cassandra and MongoDb).

Finally, there are some important visible projects / customers (Facebook is one of the most famous), but also a lot of editors looking for strong references (just take a view to weekly survey about NoSql usage) and editor trying to find their way in difference approach (example of Impala versus Hive approach)

With Vanilla 4.2, we introduced official support for the 3 major nosql databases – Hadoop Hbase, Hadoop Cassandra and 10Gen MongoDb. This support is for our Etl package (BiGateway), for read & write operation (which allow development of data migration application between sql database and nosql database), and for our Reporting/Dashboard and Cubes modules.

To achieve “reporting” activities, we decided to write our own oda “nosql compliant” driver. Using this set of oda drivers (for MongoDb, Cassandra or Hbase), developers and users can build their report/dashboard/cube using nosql data, without even any knowledge of nosql database

More than a simple platform delivery, we are already providing support for some large projects in the retail area, for editors which decided to take Vanilla as their platform when it comes to manage data acquisition and data restitution. Those projects are important, as it will provide immediate visibility, technology recognition and strong feedback & experience on how the Vanilla Bi platform is dealing with a nosql database,

Have Fun !



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