Vanilla v4.2 – 1/16 – Vanilla Portal

Dear Readers,

Vanilla Portal get a refreshment along with new user features. We keep the v4 foundation to add more and more features, while making the Portal even more easy to use, and more simple interface (which is an everyday challenge !)

Technically, we extend the support of CSS to provide Theme Management, making it easy for any end-user to change his Vanilla theme.  Along with our partners and comunity, we provide the Portal in 12 languages (you just select your interface at login)

On portal interface,

  • We have added a “Welcome page” that allow Admin to diplay message or info about portal activity.
  • In the Personal workspace User can change their avatar and their personal information
  • There is now a “MyDocuments” Folder : a new Folder, available for each user, where user can save documents that will not be accessible by others users.
  • Dynamic Tabulations : Functional Tabulations such as Search Interface, Portal Content or Task Management can can be close or open using the right icon toolbar
  • Task Management has been improved : this window provide Access Grant management to documents, to allow requests from other users to your document or manage your requests to access documents owned by other users, along with a Review section for uploaded document to accept or refused publication from users with Uploaded role.
  • Improved VanillaViewer : As part of Vanilla Portal, Vanilla Viewer is shipped with numerous new features. This is described in the next section, as Vanilla Viewer can be embeded in any compliant portal

Have Fun !



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