Vanilla v4.2 – The List of New Features

Dear Readers,

Just a quick post about the new features soon available in Vanilla 4.2. This is juts a list, if you want more detail about a specific feature, just drop me a message or stay connected here, as I will keep posting about those features. The list below is not ordered … and some of those features are already available for ous customers (those running Vanilla 4.09 or later) … so, for customers, some new features is not really “new” (like Mdm, document management, Vanilla Viewer, Wms integration …)

1 – Vanilla Portal (Interface, dynamic filder, personal workspace, widget support, 15 languages)
2 – Vanilla Viewer (multi format, dynamique filter, save process)
3 – Mdm update (Supplier Management, document Management, Etl integration)
4 – Java7/Tomcat7/Birt4.2 update – Xstream for communication – continuous support for JBoss & Weblogic Application Server
5 – Solr/Lucene 4.0 integration (embeded or stand alone  /farm of servers)
6 – Update & new packages for Vanilla Apps (to be listed later)
7 – New functions for User  & Admin : Document Management (Version control, Workflow, Approval, Indexation)
8 – Nosql Support (3 databases – Hbase, Cassandra & MongoDb, for Etl & Reporting, along with new oda driver to build report/dashboard/cube on nosql database)
9 – FreeDashboard v4 : complete rewrite of designer, Html5 support, filter multi folder
10 – Web Designer update : FreeAnalysisWeb (Forecast & Simulation, Drill between cubes), FreeWebReport (review interface, new PlugIn, Hyperlink), WebKpi & FreeDashboardWeb (Update),
11 – Continuous Wms support & Kpi/Dashboard/Maps integration
12 – Improved Server Side & Cloud feature : mass reporting, clustering of process, farm of secured servers (https)
13 – Numerous Update of Dev & Admin package (ProcessManager, BiGateWay, Hypervision, ES, Workflow, Norparena …)
14 – Packages Integration improvement (Fmdt resources in FreeDashboard, or Mdm resource in BiGateWay for example)
15 – New Mobile Apps for Android : Report Designer & Update Apps Viewer (Ios & Android)
16 – Update of documentation & video

We hope you will find some of those features interesting, leading you to upgrade your current Vanilla instance to 4.2

Some already told us “it’s a lot of new feature for a small version increase” … that’s true. We could have labeled the version “5.0”, but it was just time to align with Eclipse 4.2 and Birt 4.2 … which makes sense also, right ?

Have Fun !



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