Announcing Vanilla 4.2

Dear Readers,

Last friday, I got the rc6 of Vanilla 4.2, and I’m pretty happy with it (it’s the first rc that comes with Birt 4.2 engine at server side !). Since June (initial rc1), we have taken time to make version 4.2 an “out of the box / ready for production” platform. In fact, things have changed a lot with version 4 (already 1 year ago) : we have more than triple our base of customers, and we have been empaneled as Bi platform in important enterprises and government offices.

This said, time has gone for Open Source Bi platform to be released before beeing “production ready”, especially if you compete with commercial Bi platforms, commercial Etl platform or any document management platform. So, we took more time to test & release the platform (apologize again to some partners who are waiting for 2 or 3 months their localized platform, as Vanilla comes now with more than 10 languages) … but we are about to achieve our objectives : an initial public release before end of this year, and the official version in january 2013.

Version 4.2 will come with at least 16 new key subjects (user side, developer side, architecture side). So, you can expect from me a post every 3 or 4 days until the end of this year (wow … what a change after 7 months of silence … gloups !) … starting this week with first post about our new portal interface.

Have Fun !



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