From Business Intelligence to Information Management (part 5)

Dear Readers,

In a previous Post (April 3, 2011), I already wrote about BiWorkflow as a development studio to manage agregate of files (Pdf, Excel), which takes part of a set of specific features that help developer to create global documents and manage it (just imagine you have a bundle of Pdf documents to release, BiWorkflow provides an out-of-box feature to aggregate all those Pdf !)

BiWorkflow is easy to understand, easy to use, and workflow documents are easy to deploy. BiWorkflow studio is not tied to Bigateway (Etl), it stands as a single piece of software for all the Vanilla components (such as Burst Report). There are many situation where developers have to manage exceptions such as “is a specific file available”,  “is server available” or subjects such as getting files from any server,  sending documents using a mail gateway, publishing any document on Vanilla portal or on any external portal (Vanilla compliant) or uploading document on any ftp/http server … BiWorkflow provides all you need to design your workflow document

BiWorkFlow Interface

How can you imagine a Bi platform without a powerfull workflow engine & workflow designer ? BiWorkflow document can be scheduled and manage by our ProcessManager or any external scheduler, making it easy to deploy complex workflow that manage documents … just rethink your way to approach any Business intelligence or Document Management application, and turn to Vanilla, it’s time to go !

Have Fun !