From Business Intelligence to Information Management (part 3)

Dear Readers,

Like a mirror with the part 2 of this serie of posts about Vanilla Information Management features, I just post now some screenshots to show how developers can use our BiGateWay module to push data back in Vanilla structures, such as cubes (fact table) or Kpi database, or to create a FreeMetadata document that map a sql database insert into a table.

Just imagine how easy it is – using BiGateWay – to manage data (extraction & load) from various database structure … in a way, you dont have to care anymore of the database structure itself, you just use the related box to read or write your data

FreeMetadata document to be create while loading data into a sql table

Data to be loaded into FreeAnalysis Cube structure (fact table)

Data to be loaded into FreeMetrics Kpi database

There is so much to tell about out Data Service module, and more to come soon (such as dimension table management inside a transformation, internationalisation management …) … just keep connect …

Have Fun !



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