A note about BiGateWay

Dear Readers,

BiGateWay, our Data Service module (aka ETL) is getting strong recognition as an integrated piece of software (INTEGRATED is a KEYWORD !). Far away from pure players, both side (Etl & Bi), that try to separate Bi & Etl platforms for commercial reasons, Vanilla is providing an INTEGRATED platform that facilitate development & deployment of “data aware applications”.

Recently, I was delighted to see a complex Etl development where transformation take data coming from various database and load our Kpi database, FreeMetrics. The screenshot below are worth thousand words … BiGateWay is easy to use, easy to start with,

Rh Kpi Measure Integration

Just look at details : loopup, calculation, aggregate, exception handler, surrogate key … all that developer need to build complex data transformation with a visual studio. As part of Vanilla platform, security, database definition, workflow process, scheduler : BiGateWay can use all the Vanilla resources, so you save time in development & deployment setup … and more in production admin !

Have Fun !


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