From Business Intelligence to Information Management (part 2)

Dear Readers,

Full features Business Intelligence Platforms like Vanilla (I dont focus on our Open Source initiative, I focus more on feature completion & consistency) manipulate, create & expose a lot of valuable informations, through Metadata documents (for security & business presention), through Kpi database or cube structures (I put aside the debate about Rolap or Molap architecture).

All those new data structures (either virtual or physical structure) contains informations that need to be accessed, unlocked & exposed to any other platforms (applications, database), like external messaging system, monitoring or exception system, data hub, … Vanilla provides a Data Service component – BiGateWay – (some people will call in an Etl, but our BiGateWay component brings more than simple Etl features) to access & expose those information structure.

The screenshot below – putting in front BiGateWay Data Input PlugIn – show how to use Cube, Kpi or Metadata structure as datasource in any kind of transformation. Each data structure has a custom interface to set appropriate properties

FreeMetadata document as a datasource

FreeAnalysis cube as a datasource

FreeMetrics database as a datasource

This is a very first solution – easy to setup, easy te develop, easy to deploy – to link Bi & Etl component : “Bi as datasource for Etl, inside Vanilla” … next post will go further : using Etl to load data into Bi data structures.

Have Fun !


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