From Business Intelligence to Information Management (part 1)

Dear Readers,

Just starting a serie of post to explain how we moved from a full feature Business Intelligence Platform to an Enterprise Information Management Platform. In fact, Vanilla provides all the standard features you can expect to find in a Bi platform : Metadata, Reporting, Olap, Dashboard, Kpi and Maps visualisation, along with additional valuable components embeded into the platform, such as :

– Etl/Workflow/Mdm components : using BiGateWay, BiWorkFlow and Vanilla Mdm, along with Data Profiling / Data quality components, developer have a comprehensive suit of software to manage data

– Document Management / Search Engine : using Vanilla v4, you can now manage any kind of documents (image, external document, video), share those documents using Vanilla portal and start indexation process on various type of text document, to later use an embeded search interface. this comes along with Vanilla document indexation (like reports) and all the tools to manage the library of documents (for content expiration, document authorisation, versioning …) , to provide a global comprehensive document management features

It’s very fun now to compete in some tender (public market, bid, proposal … name it as you want), because we can see customers are moving to “more than only bi” (as we can read through the Big Data marketing noise those past months). In fact, some customers still don’t understand how to align their information management strategy with their internal process, but the process has started : there is a real need to take control on document processing, data flow, and inter application data & document exchange … to better understand what are the data coming from outside, data generated by internal application and data that are published outside the company (public or to partners).

Have Fun !



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