Vanilla Portal

Dear Readers,

One of the coolest work we have achieved with Vanilla v4 is the adoption of latest Gwt standards & widgets, to make Vanilla portal one of the best portal in terms of respect of Web 2.0 standards. This post is about Vanilla portal, and how we implemented Web 2 & latests Gwt/Chrome widgets with Vanilla version 4

Just have a look at the main interface, where you can see dynamic frame (for group switching), icon highlighted (to run other Web Interfaces) and list / icon view for any panel

Vanilla portal Interface – sample 1

Beeing cool is nice, fun, but it’s not enough to capture user adoption. User Interface has to provide usefull functions – luckilly there are tons in the Vanilla portal interface. Some have been there for a long time, such as database switch, run / view for reports, access to history, and one of the latest is “history access panel” that can help any user to remind himself whether or not he ran a specific report (and can be usefull to admin to understand if a report is acurate). Print screen below is worth thousand words

Vanilla portal Interface – sample 2

Last thing, in addition to cool interface & usefull functions, is repect of standard & providing advanced interface. Just have a look at the search interface, and how we implemented the “Chrome alike arrows” to navigate between interfaces … easy & usefull … and adoption is here !

Vanilla portal Interface – sample 3

Finally, Vanilla portal is easy to use, assuming you are ok with latest Firefox or Chrome browsers interfaces & gadgets. Working on making interfaces easier to use has been one of our challenge with version 4 … and we achieved it !

Have Fun !



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