Open Source & Business

Dear Readers,

Open Source & Business is like Html5 & Web2, like Big Data & noSql : it’s compliant, it can be part of the same strategy and it can be deployed in parallel … but it can also lead to high confusion in partners’s mind (like system integrator or vc). We all wish Open Source projects – as opposed to commercial software – wont have the destiny of company like Sun or Technology like Flash (both having a strong position, before an external event killed the process)… on their way to be out of the market by an outside techy decision (ok, without html5, flash would have kept its position for a while).

2012-2013 season is a great period for Open Source Bi platform, especially for Vanilla. First months of the year, as a follow up of version 4 launch, is a crazy period for the “Team”, all the persons, developers & consultants, who worked hard to make Vanilla the de facto standard in Open Source Bi area. Bpm-Conseil – the company behind the Vanilla project – is in place to develop the project, and give insurance to legacy customers about project development.

It’s no secret I don’t understand some other said Open Source strategy, or better I claim those companies are not Open Source anymore. Turning an aggregate of various open source projects under a “certified” umbrella has nothing to do with Open Source origins … it’s just a business position, brand recognition … past has teached us it never last !

I’m happy to see our Business position (we focus on project development rather than making short terms money) is getting more and more fans, and promoters. It took times but people now understand why an Open Source company can’t be sized & managed like a commercial company, and luckilly, with new Open Source rules emerging (in terms of licencing, to protect real Open Source companies), along with the “pure code” concept, it’s again XMas before official agenda for the Vanilla project,

Have Fun !



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