Analysts versus Commercial

Dear Readers,

What a disgusting Magic Quadrant from Gx … well, one of the only way they have now is to make noise publishing marketing & commercial “analysis”, waiting for people to start battle about the “said analysis”. This year, they brought the “analysis” to a next level of incompetency, no offense to their “bi marketing vp” …

One thing we learnt from the past is to take analysis like … paper. In Europe, we are still under pressure because of us financial agencies (look what happen last night again in Greece !) … and courageous position is to tell those agencies that their job is not “god word”, especially when they have interest with some publication (strange to notice that nothing has changed since 2008).

In software, same thing : they have to sell their “analysis”, and in parallel they need sponsors … so, how to take this like something else than “paper’. One thing we have to reward is Pentaho vision. Thanks to people like Richard Daley and James Dixon, Pentaho founders, some people tried to build an Open Source alternative in Bi … well, Pentaho is no more Open Source, Richard is no more leading Pentaho, but at least, they tried.

If we are in the place with Vanilla, its indirectly due to our early investment in Open Source & Pentaho … I don’t forget some discussion I had with Richard at that time (I still disagree with his strategy, so Vanilla …). Reading Pentaho is back in 2012 MQ is amazing … in 2010, based on editor declaration (remember : MQ is based on editor declaration, not on any analysis study from Gx marketing Vp), they were in … and kick out in 2011. What is interesting is the “visionaries” position : yes, Pentaho was a visionar … 6 years ago … funny to notice MQ is not putting the editor at its right place … but again, marketing & commercial has nothing to do with analysis.

Gx management, please, take real analysts … you will be surprised to see the number of valuable Bi platforms that European & Asian companies have built … far away from this 90%+ Us based editors ! So happy this MQ has no more influence in Europe, customers are still happy to be invited to show … but they know what is the reality.

About Vanilla in MQ ? hehehe, I’m not certain this post will help (!!!!!!!!!!!) … anyway, we refused to answer to their survey, because its sensitive information we can’t share with commercials … and we don’t sponsor their events … so …

Have Fun !



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