Vanilla v4 launch, 4 Weeks after

Dear Readers,

4 weeks since we launched Vanilla v4, we are still working on upgrading our base of supported customers, and still no real issues raised from the current deployments. We recently just fixed 2 subjects : a Url redirection issue with Dashboard documents (intranet / extranet configuration) and a cas authentification issue. Customers are happy with version 4, and bigest customers will turn from 3.x to version 4 soon (I hope this coming march ?)

Number of download is still above our expectation, with new customers & large system integrators as new adopters (more than 550 downloads in 2 weeks, including more than 170 full server & designers download … its 6 servers per day …). Version 4 is meeting customer expectation, and is ready to go to the next level : enterprise wide deployment

What is next ?

We are working on some interesting features, in relation with customers requests (Olap, Dashboard & Web Reporting), taking Vanilla v4 to even more interesting designer & user features (I will soon start posting on this subject … but dynamic cells management in Dashboard is really something I waited for months … even “Dashboard oriented” commercial products like Qx, Px and Tx dont provide it !). In parallel, we increased the number of training sessions, in France and South Asia, to answer to customers demands … giving funds to Vanilla development team !

The “Vanilla Wave” is slowly but strongly turning to a “Vanilla Storm” … still 100% Open Source … still French Head Quarter … Still supported & promoted by the original development team ! 2012-2013 is a crazy season for Vanilla, getting the fruits from our investment … since the beginning, we kept the open path : “product & customer respect first” … keeping the promise about product … customer respect … its not only words … with Vanilla, it’s real !

Have Fun !



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