Vanilla & Application Servers

Dear Readers,

Just a short post about Application Server certification, because amongst the various Application Server, “servlet” platform (like Tomcat) and various JDK version (shrotly, 1.6 and 1.7), its not easy to find its way when it comes to provide a certified version.

As told before, going now to enterprise-wide deployment with Vanilla, we were requested by new customers to provide certification for Oracle Weblogic 12.x and Redhat JBoss 7.x.

Thanks to web forum & resources, it was easy to go beyond the standard issues, such as OSGI deployment, oda & birt issues … Web is a must to collaborate & share knowledge, passing through the “specificities” of platform that forced you before to hire expensive consultant who “know just how to press on the button”. In that way, Web just help us to keep Vanilla internal development cost at its standard level … and within a week, we were able to provide certification for JBoss & Weblogic.

Next to come : Websphere & Jonas (French Administration !) … just stay connect & don’t miss the Vanilla wave !

Have Fun !



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