Vanilla Search Engine

Dear Readers,

One of the crazy features we have introduced with Vanilla v3 (17 months ago) and brought to the next level with Vanilla v4 is the possibility to use an embeded search engine on Vanilla documents (reports, but also external documents) directly from Vanilla portal

Vanilla Search Interface

Vanilla Search Result

I waited this feature for years in commercial products (some already expensive products offered additional search-box, at non-raisonable price), because when you deploy your reports at enterprise level, there is a need to run search inside report, using either report content or report properties (author, title, subjects).

Shortly, you need some piece of software such as a robust document management process (built inside Vanilla), a powerfull indexation engine (Lucene) and a clean user-friendly interface (Vanilla portal). Using Vanilla, all the report generated (and saved into Vanilla repository) along with any additional external document uploaded on the portal can be indexed to be later searched using Vanilla portal. This allow user to run cross-report search between different kind of documents using a friendly Web interface

Indexation Process can occur just after the report creation

Beeing serious with resources management, we provide features to manage whether or not a report (its history) will be a candidate for indexation, and how the document will be indexed (real time or later in a night batch process)

Enterprise Services interface for report configuration

Norparena batch management for reports that are not indexed real-time

… Beeing able to choose between real time indexation or not real time indexation is a must … because some heavy reports (with thousand of pages) may required to be sent to a batch indexation process …

Have Fun !



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