Vanilla & Nagios

Dear Readers,

With current projects in large enterprise, recurrent subjects are scalability of platform, clustering of services, support for standard application server (JBoss, Websphere, Weblogic) and process monitoring.

All those subjects are not in relation with “Bi features”, but rather in relation with architecture of the platform, in addition to features such as stress function, deployment features … this is another set of subjects where Vanilla makes the difference, very easilly !!!

Talking about Nagios, 3 key subjects are available

1) standard Vanilla4Nagios package (report, dashboard, cube) that allow admin to agregate Nagios log from various servers and publish agregate statistics & monitoring information

Vanilla 4 Nagios package (available from Vanilla Place)

2) BiGateWay plugin that allow Etl developer to connect against any Nagios database and collect Nagios information (to load into an agregate database or to develop global alert management system)

BiGateWay plugin for Nagios

3) Vanilla monitoring, using Nagios : Vanilla server (services) can be monitored using Nagios … respect of Open Source development standards and concepts (like Osgi, jmx) make it easy to monitor Vanilla using Nagios

Monitoring Vanilla from Nagios

Nagios is the de facto standard platform to monitor servers, with large deployment all around the world. Vanilla version 4 and its Nagios features unleash the power of Nagios when it comes to manage Nagios at enterprise level, and leverage Vanilla set of functions. Coming soon : new set of alerts “Nagios compliant”, directly available as a new Vanilla Apps.

Have Fun !



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