Millions is not a Key Subject

Dear Readers,

Its true millions of dollar can’t buy everything, material or spiritual, and its also worth to notice that million of dollar can’t build everything, could it be a castle or a software

Unfortunatly, in some Open Source area like Business Intelligence, dollars from VC have been used to create brand rather than product, leading to noisy marketing campaign and customers not very happy. Sometimes, I really though that some said Open Source “editor” (either agregator of product or company that subcontract all the development) were funded by commercial Bi companies … because when you see the result, you can just turn back to commercial product.

With Vanilla, we are very proud to have built a platform without million. Motivation-devotion and respect of customer is better than million, even its sometimes a little more hard. The Vanilla project is funded by our customers, through projects, training sessions and support contracts. It keep us in contact with customers requests, it create confidence and trust between the parties. When we talk with customers about Vanilla, I’m always happy to have Vanilla compared with products like Business Objects, I take it as a real recognition of our investment.

Coming back to comparison, how to justify million of dollar burnt in marketing events, VP & Board Members salaries, if at the end, you have a non-valuable product, missing from the basis such as a true Open Source secured Metadata Layer (Designer, Engine, Integration with other Ide) ? … for some products, it’s soon time to “make money or leave”, this coming period 2012-2013 is a key season … but how to value the product ? … I’m certain they will value the brand, but it has also limits : customer and investor respect !

Have Fun !



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