Vanilla Portal & Group Management Features

Dear Readers,

Another feature we improved with combination of new Vanila portal and Vanilla Viewer is the possibility for the user to switch his current group to another group, without having to log in / log out, and even the possibility to run a report inside Vanilla Viewer using different groups.

How doe it works ?

Using Enterprise Service, a group can belong to different groups. When this user connect to Vanilla portal, he selects one of his group for the session. All the portal content will be display according to the group authorisation (short : On/Off access on folders and documents). Using a dynamic interface, every user can switch to another group without having to disconnect, which is very usefull also for an admin to validate the security at portal level. When switching to another group, the whole portal content is refreshed.

dynamic interface to switch to another group

A new v4 feature available when running a report through Vanilla Viewer is the possibility to run the report using another group (one of the group for the user). This is again very usefull, because the portal is not refreshed, and the user can stay in his VanillaViewer session.

In the 2 print screen below, we run a report with “system” and “default” group from Vanilla Viewer. The “default” group has a dataset restriction on “France” data.

Report using “system” group

Report running “default” group

Because Vanilla is serious in security, with clean interface such as FreeMetadata (to secure Metadata document), Enterprise Services (to manage security for User/Group/Role and portal content) and Vanilla portal (as explain above), we make it easy for anybody to run any document using one of his group from our Web Portal … just imagine if you have to validate a security policy without those kind of feature, and make your decision to turn to Vanilla for your next Enterprise Bi platform

Have Fun !



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