Vanilla Report – Burst Feature

Dear Readers,

One crazy feature available since the origin of Vanilla is the possibility to burst reports. Before Vanilla 4, bursting was available, but access to feature was not so easy (right click button from portal or use of BiWorkflow). With version 4, We make this feature more visible from Vanilla Viewer, while adding new options to burst.

What is about bursting reports ?

Simply the possibility to run a report with different profiles/group, each group running the report with its security parameter. For example, supppose you have a sales report available for 3 groups, each groups with security on a group of regions. Without Bursting option, you have to run the report 3 times, on etime for each group.

Bursting a report form Vanilla Viewer

Using the Burst feature available from Vanilla Viewer, simply run the report and decide for which group you want to run it, and how you want the result to be available (in mailbox or in document history)

Just remember : Bursting from Vanilla Viewer is a user feature. To set an automatic bursting for reports every day, simply use our BiWrokflow and choose the Burst Report Widget, available in the Vanilla Panel, then publish your workflow on the Vanilla Repository and schedule it to run every day using our BiProcessManager or any external scheduler you can have in your enterprise.

Bursting a report using BiWorkflow

Bursting a report is so convenient if a user belong to different groups, or even if you are a developer and you want to validate your group security policy for all the group with a single action

Have Fun !



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