Vanilla v4 – New Bundles

Dear Readers,

With version 4, we will also make first access to Vanilla more easy. We still delivere the Open Source production version (MySql & PostGreSql), available since the origin, along with the h2 version. In past version, the h2 version had some limitation (no demo for cube, or limited number of report). With Vanilla version 4, h2 version has the same features & samples than version mysql and postgresql.

Using h2 version, you can run a Vanilla server along with all the development studio, without any additional installation (such as creation of the Mysql catalog). Those “sql” version can be view as “stand alone installation”, and only require a java JDK 1.6 (we dont embed it in the h2, simply because most of you have a JDK 1.6 on your workstation, to make the bundle lighter). In addition to those version, we provide 2 additional bundle :

– a VirtualBox version : its so easy to run Virtual Box image (just the download may be a little long, but you run it over night !). Its a Debian/PostGreSql platform, running Vanilla v4. Only the server (you need to download the development studios in parallel). With this VirtualBox bundle, without any additional installation, you have a full Vanilla platform already configured. The only thing you need is a machine to run your virtual box.

2 instances of VirtualBox (Vanilla3.4/Mysql,Vanilla4/PostGreSql) running on my laptop

– An Amazon Machine Image : if you have no server available, but you have a credit card, you can subscribe to Amazon EC2 cloud offer and run a Vanilla instance within a second. Its the perfect method to test Vanilla features and discovere the beauty of Vanilla, with any local installation (still you need to download the studio if you want to develop, and also connect your database).

Also, we have installed a Vanilla server on the cloud, for those who don’t want to pay Amazon instance … but for some good reasons, we open this instance to only identified contacts …

H2 version, VirtualBox and our own cloud instance will be available this coming friday, 13th january. For the Amazon AMI, we just need a couple of days to configure and load the image. We hope those new bundle will make the first Vanilla usage more easy for new adopters

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 – Custom Prompt Saving & BackGround Report

Dear Readers,

Just a quick post to talk about 2 nice features available for Report from our Vanilla Web User Portal and Vanilla Viewer : custom prompt saving and background report

Custom Prompt Saving

This feature that allow User to save their prompt selection, for later reuse. Suppose you have a cascading prompt (available with Vanilla, just look around !) where you need to run a report – repeatidly – for a customer and a region, its time to save this configuration. Inside Vanille Viewer, its as easy to do as a simple “save” option.

Cascading Prompt Selection

Cascading Prompt  Saving

Cascading Prompt later reuse

BackGround Reports

From the same interface, you can also decide to run your report in backgroud. Even if their is no obligation to stay in the current panel while the report is running (and you can run another document), there are situation where you dont need the panel to stay open. in this case, just select the “run background” option, and run your report. Then, you can go in your Task List and select your report (report name will appear when the report is finished) and open your report from this interface

Background Report list from Task interface

Opening a background Report

With Vanilla Viewer and our Web User Portal, we provide features that value the reports. We went beyond the stupid war of file format (IReport & Birt) to provide a Viewer that support both formats and provide same features to users (because users dont have to suffer from technology choice). Even its a fact : Birt is really an Open Source Report Studio Designer … and IReport is just a marketing mistake now (we tried the Eclipse version … its a disaster, we are really not talking about the same thing when it comes to respect of Open Source standard)

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 – User contribution

Dear Readers,

Last week before the Vanilla v4 launch. I can’t remember how was the previous launch of Vanilla, but this one is pretty “smooth, and under control”, thanks to the Vanilla Team (Dev & Integration). In fact, we even found the time, with an external contributor, to add the Portugues language for the Vanilla Portal.

It was a 2 days “Go & Return” sub-projects, that started from our community forum where someone placed a request for a Portugues interface.  Here is the result :

Vanilla Portal Interface

Report Parameters Selection

Running Report

We hope we can have new contributor for some European languages (German, Nederland, Italian), as long as some Asian languages (Japan, China, India, Thailand) … this sounds like an open call …

Have Fun !


Vanilla v4 – Materials

Dear Readers,

10 days to go before we make Vanilla v4 available, and I’m pleased to have already some material available, like new Web interface, some videos or new features document. And all those materials are available without extra charges … things that tend to diseappear in the “Said Open Source” area (I remember one day when Emmanuel told me : “if you have to pay for documentation, it sucks, I just dont use it” …)

Bpm-Conseil, the company that sponsor and organise the development for the Vanilla project will launch a revamped web Site (all happened !!!) … with a current stay of 3mn (Google Analytics data), its an evidence people didnt’ found what they were looking for … let’s wait for the udpated Google Analytics data once the new Web Site will be available. Challenge was to keep the site simple to use & navigate while providing access to most of the Vanilla resources (Thanks to Charles for beeing so patient during this rewrite of the Web Site)

Simple screenshot for Bpm-Conseil Web Site

Videos have been updated … its just a beginning, but we did it ! We all understand maintenance of documentation & additional resources is a job in itself, sometimes boring from a development point of view (!!!) … anyway, we took time to update documentation (30 Pdf documents, in French and English) & videos (even we are little late on video as only 25% are updated as date of this writting … but we are confident to close this subject soon).

As a preview, just have a ,look as the New Features for Vanilla Version 4, and a video about VanillaPlace

In France, institution such as French Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministre de l’Interieur), French Gendarmerie National, Bank like BnpParibas, Caisse d’Epargne or industrial companies like Wincor-Nixdorf, Vinci Environment, Teva, Sbe-Online, Pomona … they all turned to Vanilla or are using Vanilla as part of a deployed project. They all saved thousand of Euros compare to commercial platform, with no limitation & no reduction in terms of features !

Have Fun !