Vanilla Mobile – V4 Update available for Ios & Android

Dear Readers,

Along with new Vanilla v4 version (server & designers), we have delivered an update of our Mobile Apps, for Ios (Ipad and IPhone) and Android. You can access those Apps on Android Market and Apple Store. Just go on Bpm-Conseil Web Site to access information page on Mobile features.

Those Apps, part of the Vanills Apps modules, are avaible in 2 distincts version : Free Version and Commercial Version. You can use the Free version to validate the features & usage of our Mobile Apps. By default, we provide a connexion to a Vanilla instance … anybody with an IPhone, IPad or Android can install the Apps and use it immediatly.

Classic Report using Android Smartphone

To use this Apps with your own Vanilla Server, just add a Server instance using the Menu … which allow any user to use his Tablet to connect to different Vanilla servers (as I do myself, switching from our internal Vanilla server at office to various Vanilla Cloud Instance when I’m travelling for meeting abroad)

Adding a New Vanilla Server interface

There is one single limitation with the free version : only 5 documents are available in the interface (documents published on the Vanlla portal). If you want full access to all your documents … just turn to the commercial version

Have Fun !


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