Vanilla v4 launch, 2 weeks after

Dear Readers,

Even it’s not yet visible to forever blind people (turned blind after beeing slamed by marketing noise !), and even if the Vanilla project still suffer from the low investment of its promoter in the media (dont forget we want to keep Vanilla Open Source, which means we are not willing to follow the us marketing companies in terms of marketing campaign!), Vanilla v4 is a true real success.

Number of download is above our expectation (more than 350 downloads in 2 weeks, including more than 95 full server & designers download) and message sent by developer are really nice.

Number of declared bugs is really minimum : as date of this writting, we fixed a Java7 Vanilla version, and all other declared bugs are cosmetics enhancement. There was also some issues in relation with database type for repository (example with postgresql, to manage external Url), which has been fixed at database level. As we have improved our internal methods to delivere version 4 (compare to version 3), we are really happy with the result, and we believe we have found methods and people to apply our strategy in term of version management.

Deployment of version 4 has started for some of our customers, under control of our integration team. New partners have joined us, and important to notice is the size of the partner : new large system integration have adopted Vanilla, not specialised in Open Source or Bi, but simply looking for a ready-to-use Bi platform to use in request for proposal (Trend, Bid … name can change).

Future is bright for Vanilla, don’t miss the move to the Only True Open Source Bi Platform

Have Fun !